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English pages energy consuption

Internet connections

Creation of WWW

Other good links :-) complementary color protocol

Programming programing programing to J2ME about programing
English pages"3D tutorials" source code and tutorials development of source codes examples not only for java java examples and Java(J2ME) references about functions

Computer graphic

Czech 2D,3D graphic
Audio & Video TV in CZ

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3D models model repozitory model repozitory
Pictures and textures satelite pictures of Earth pics
Audio loops


2D graphic painter painter editor painter
3D graphic modeler & animator alone render depths on to polygon models render modeler
Audio editor converter & audio converter audio player converter (need .NET)
Internet database using XML protocol instant messenger viewer editor,MySQL in one editor
Others for Windows manager partisions in Windows
Software developing editor, C++ editor,C,C++ compiler editor framework for OpenGL XML editor - editor
Video video editor codes video editor and sfx converter and radio controller PC for .NET video editor codec based on H264 codec video editor

Actual links on different types of software
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Arcade without one D space shooter
3D action deathmatch game deathmatch based on Q3 engine based FPS based on engine from Q2
Racing arcade-racing game remake
Realtime strategy builder SimCity remake support (and much more) for Transport Tycoon Deluxe Annihilation remake A Annihilation remake B 2100 remake
Turnbased strategy Isle III remake strategy like Battle Isle space strategy strategy like old UFO strategy like game

CZ game pages
English pages game remakes

Linux and others

Czech info pages Mainly Linux Mainly Linux Linux and open-source
English sources Info about all distributions Linux games
Few distributions


Personal pages

Others bikers group rock capella

More different others game comic strip Prof. Zlo is still alive Monkey and Hare only for older 21+ (with strong stomach) internet lovers graphic of your system
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