So it is here again :-) for present is there only new version of Comtris with several changes and some modification in tutorials.


Just today come time to add some new stuff to this web. After slightly long time (almost 3 years), I add 3 new scripts to WWW section and some new links. So, use it well :-)


Probably last update for this year. I slightly change (again) page's structure and apend one new skin.


After longer time there is small actualization. In contents are only few new links, but whole web is now XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid. Outside of that I add simple RSS 2.0 channel for simpler finding (not very often) actualizations.


Outdoor is 33+ degrees centigrade and here is next actualization. At last I changed pages for easy changing visual interface, so if you don't like this one you can easily change it! (but for now there are only two...). Next change is in the gallery where I remake method of opening the pictures (and I add some new). And best one at the end :-) again new version of Chess2ME(bugfixes) and Comtris(upgrade).


New month new update :-). For change there are new versions of Chess2ME and Comtris (contain few essential upgrades a fixes). Also that I make some changes in html code and add new links.


Second update this month. New version of Chess2ME and new game Comtris (now its only beta, but it should works fine).


Quarter-year update. New links and new version of Chess2ME :-)... also some minor changes in design.


Half-year update. New links and new version of Chess2ME.


All pages are now "HTML valid". And I add some new links.


Many small page code and language corrections.


....and next add-on this week - new pictures in gallery and new version of Chess2ME.


I add cookies that you redirect via JavaScript to czech variant of this pages when you choose them (maybe).


I made czech version of this pages. So there it is......link is on top left corner.....


First big update of this pages in new year 2005. I changed design and add two new parts. The first is J2ME - by time you will can find there some games for mobile phones supporting MIDP 2.0. Second one is Guest book were you can write your ideas to this pages or something else what you want say :-)


I change some graphic and add new links. So that is all for today.


Digital clock in JavaScript added on this pages. Every page was rebuilded and some new links added.


Some little changes. One new part - WWW Creation and new links added.


New links added.


Some minor changes and JavaScript added.


Minor graphic update and some corrects for Mozzila viewer.


Graphic update and css added.

10. 9.2004

This is my new page.

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